We are an engineering business group which develops products, services, solutions and assets in the areas of Energy and Telecommunications, using Innovation as our driving force

We lead the transition towards a more efficient and sustainable energy model in a better and more connected world making use of technology. We are an engineering company specialized in energy and telecommunications that integrates knowledge and finance to develop big projects at an international level. Our essence is sustained in three fundamental goals:

  • Giving the answer to challenges of today contributing to future solutions
  • Applying innovation and technology in the society
  • Creating value in a responsible way

We want to contribute with a more conscious, sustainable and efficient global society facilitating the most intelligent energy supply, and universal access to telecommunications. Our target is to consolidate our place in the international market incorporating value through innovation in Business and Technology to guarantee results and excellence to our clients.

Our day by day work flow is based on the following values:

  • Excelence: We put effort into improving our quality standards.
  • Sustainability: we develop projects that not only  contribute with economic  but also enviorment value.
  • Innovation: We constantly look to improve what we do thinking diferently, finding creative solutions.
  • Commitment: with our clients, team and moving towards the future.
  • Talent: Our professional team is a knowledge based and highly experienced group.
  • Passion: Innovative and creative strenght has always been our engine.



We opened our offices in Leganes


We opened technical offices in Caceres and began our activities in the energy area


We started to build photovoltaic power plants for the public sector, being the leading company in installations in public buildings in Spain


We launched our international head office of telecommunications, mobile technology and energy projects


We opened our offices in Exeter (UK)


We opened our headquarters in London (UK)


We opened our main office in Madrid and offices in Mexico D.F. (Mexico) and Bogota (Colombia). We were chosen by UK Elite Growth (LSE) as one of the most interesting companies to invest in.


We expanded our business to Lima (Perú), Quito (Ecuador), Sao Paulo (Brasil) y Santiago (Chile)


We continue our growth with upcoming openings in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Our Commitments


More than 18 years guarantee our experience developing projects at a global level and helping companies and public administrations with innovative solutions and services.


We know our clients expectations and we want to guarantee their satisfaction. We promote the culture of continuous progress and excellence in management.


Engaged in preparing, controlling and minimizing the environmental impact. We adopt more effective methodologies, reducing emissions and facilitating recycling.

Security and health at work

Our team members and collaborators are an essential piece of the development of our activity, our best assets. We ensure suitable and healthy working conditions.

Information safety

We preserve our clients confidentiality, privacy and information availability as well as our own.


Innovation is in our DNA and that´s the reason why we exist. It´s not all about promises but facts, such as our strategic plan over the years.

Energy efficiency

We know our role in energetic efficiency and we prove it in our projects on a day to day basis.


Making headlines