Diggia reinforces its growth strategy with the appointment of Luis Miguel Gilpérez as president

Diggia reinforces its growth strategy with the appointment of Luis Miguel Gilpérez as president

Diggia, a business group with a global presence in Energy and Telecommunications services and solutions, has incorporated Luis Miguel Gilpérez as Chairman of its Board of Directors.

Diggia is integrated as a group to capture growth in the areas of Energy, Telecommunications and Sustainable Mobility, where the companies of the group have 16 years of experience and are benchmarks in innovation towards Energy Transition.

The group is directed by its founders and directors, José Manuel Zorrilla CEO, and César González Otálora COO, and integrates four main companies: Gamma Solutions, engineering innovation company, which carries out Energy and Telecommunications projects for operators and governments through network deployment, critical infrastructure energy management, and Smart Cities; Nordian, Energy Infrastructure Asset Holdco and finally Wenea, Mobile Energy Operator for Electric Vehicles currently in Spain and the United Kingdom and which is committed to revolutionising the electric vehicle market by focusing on the customer. This area of expansion of the company will be driven especially with the help of Gilpérez after his great work in Telefonica as CEO in Brazil and president of TdE.

The appointment of Luis Miguel Gilpérez is a consequence of the commitment to leadership and vision of Diggia’s directors due to its track record and recognized success in the deployment of mobile telephony worldwide.

In the words of José Manuel Zorrilla CEO, “Diggia incorporates Luis Miguel to print the knowledge of a customer-centric operator. We believe that Luis Miguel is, without a doubt, the manager who knows the client best in Latin America and Europe”.

For his part, Luis Miguel Gilpérez, states “Diggia has the most interesting project there is right now in Spain”.

About Luis Miguel Gilpérez

Gilpérez has spent most of his professional career at Telefónica, where he was one of the driving forces behind mobile telephony. After taking care of the business in Latin America, in 2011 he was appointed president of Telefónica España. During his tenure he reoriented the company’s business strategy with decisions that set trends in the market, such as the commitment to fiber and ultra-fast broadband networks, television content and the launch of Movistar Fusión, the first large integrated offer of fixed, mobile and pay television.

About Diggia

Established as a holding company with a global presence, Diggia includes Gamma Solutions, Nordian and Wenea. The group has been operating since 2002 and currently has projects worth more than 1,000 million euros in the United Kingdom, Spain, Latin America and various worldwide tenders.

With more than a hundred engineers and offices in Europe and Latin America, Diggia is a group of Spanish capital founded by José Manuel Zorrilla, with a degree in Marketing from ESIC, business studies at UCM, and currently studying the prestigious OPM program (program for CEO) at Harvard Business School and CEO of the group; and by César González Otálora, Telecommunications Engineer at UPM and COO of the group.

It also has a brilliant team of committed professionals who accompany the development of the group since its inception and further complete the project that has joined Luis Miguel Gilpérez in Diggia.