Gamma Solutions and SferaOne are driving the GEDERA project to intelligently manage flexible energy demand in coupled hybrid networks

Gamma Solutions and SferaOne are driving the GEDERA project to intelligently manage flexible energy demand in coupled hybrid networks

Cáceres, May 28, 2023 – The GEDERA project, funded under the MISSIONS call by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), aims to develop and validate a multi-agent tool that facilitates the integration of renewable energy sources and flexible resources into the energy system. From a perspective of digitalization, monitoring, control, and participation in new markets, the project seeks to promote the figure of the aggregator and local energy and flexibility markets.

The project focuses on six main research and development axes:

  1. Communication architecture and management of energy flexibility: GEDERA aims to develop an architecture that allows scalable and sustainable deployment of market solutions across all domains of the electrical grid.
  2. Interoperability and cybersecurity: Research and development will be conducted to ensure secure communication among all elements connected to the energy grid, including end-users.
  3. New electric loads oriented towards providing demand flexibility-based services in the sectoral coupling domain: GEDERA will work on the development of a new generation of electric loads that leverage demand flexibility to offer various services.
  4. Energy flexibility services based on sectoral coupling: Research and development of energy flexibility services will be undertaken to enable buildings and users to harness on-site renewable generation and provide ancillary services to the grid through specialized markets.
  5. Awareness and training of end-users: GEDERA will develop methods to raise awareness and train end-users in making decisions related to demand flexibility.
  6. Validation of the obtained developments: Thorough validation of the project’s advancements will be conducted to ensure their effectiveness and applicability.

Within this project, specific objectives have been established in line with the other participating partners. These objectives include:

  • Research and development of communication protocols and interoperability to design technology that provides cost-effective strategies.
  • Research and development of intelligent control and charging algorithms that allow prioritization and scheduling of charging intervals based on the overall vision of electric loads and their combination with air conditioning consumption.
  • Design of an optimized and secure communication network compatible with Fog, Cloud, and Edge services, as well as the proposed multi-agent model.
  • Applied research for the design and development of an energy management system (EMS or BMS) capable of controlling the programming and dispatch of energy (supply-side management – generation, consumption, storage) and optimal modulation of the load profile (demand-side management).

The GEDERA project represents a significant milestone in advancing the intelligent management of flexible energy demand in coupled hybrid networks. Through collaboration and innovation, it aims to transform and improve the energy system, promoting efficiency and active user participation.

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