Gamma Solutions and Wenea electrify La Vuelta 2022 with an innovative mobile charging solution

Gamma Solutions and Wenea electrify La Vuelta 2022 with an innovative mobile charging solution

Madrid, September 11 2022 – Gamma Solutions has presented a groundbreaking solution to address the current limitations in electric vehicle charging infrastructure. In an effort to provide a suitable charging experience, Gamma Solutions, in collaboration with Wenea, has implemented a mobile charging solution that has been a resounding success in a real-use case: La Vuelta 2022.

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure often faces issues of insufficient power and lack of coverage in various areas. Aware of these limitations, Gamma Solutions and Wenea have developed an innovative mobile energy storage solution that supports the deployment of fast charging stations nationwide to overcome these obstacles.

Throughout the three weeks of La Vuelta in Spain, Wenea, as the official charging provider for the race’s electric vehicles, has accompanied the competition and enabled these vehicles to cover over 6,500 km. By utilizing both permanent charging stations and the mobile solution, the vehicles were able to charge in hard-to-reach locations as well as at each finish line. Wenea’s platform has also demonstrated its ability to anticipate consumption and charging needs under diverse conditions, as encountered during La Vuelta.

Over the course of the 18 stages, spanning 10 autonomous communities, 19 provinces, and 29 cities across the Spanish geography, it has been conclusively proven that traveling the country in an electric vehicle is a reality. This achievement has been made possible by the implementation of Wenea’s innovative mobile charging solution, which has overcome existing limitations in charging infrastructure deployment, providing significant value to electric mobility in Spain.

Alberto Cantero, CEO of Wenea, commented: “We have implemented a mobile charging solution that has allowed us to ensure the charging of La Vuelta’s vehicles at all times. Delivering energy wherever it is needed is part of our DNA and our commitment to sustainability.”

Wenea’s mobile charging solution is exceptional due to its standout features. It allows for the charging of portable batteries at charging stations using Type 2 connectors. Additionally, it integrates renewable energy through fixed charging systems associated with generation plants or green energy contracts and utilizes management software to monitor and predict the state of batteries and vehicle charging. This portable and 100% clean energy-based solution offers agile and efficient charging services at any location.

Thus, Wenea’s participation in La Vuelta has demonstrated the success and feasibility of this project. In future editions, Wenea will strive to achieve total decarbonization of La Vuelta, continuing its growth and development in line with its commitment to sustainability.