Gamma UK 2015

Innovation has always been present in Gamma philosophy since its origin in 2002 as part of its corporate in both its activities and methods. Gamma is a technology-based company with an unwavering commitment for Research, Development and Innovation as the main pillars for its growth, progress and competitiveness.
Last July, the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness has recognized Gamma’s innovation career path by including the company in the Innovative SMEs Register that depends on the Spanish Innovation and Competitiveness General Directorate, and by awarding Gamma with the Innovative SME Label. This label means a guarantee of Innovation and technological development and its awarded to companies proving their innovative nature or capacities through their own activities, as partners/developers of public financed projects or, as in Gamma’s case, through both.

We feel very proud in Gamma for having received such recognition. This means a great dose of motivation and an added encouragement to continue extending and reinforcing the Innovation culture within the company and beyond.
One of the next steps in our commitment for enduring and strengthen Gamma’s innovative nature is obtaining the atestation according to Standard UNE 166002: R+D+i Management Systems.