Project scopes

Client: Telecommunication operators


  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Deployment
  • Supervision
  • AS-Built


Gamma Solutions is developing consultancy and engineering projects for FTTH deployment in different areas all over Spain. This actions are coordinated from our head office in Madrid and our technical offices in Cáceres and take place in Barcelona, Valencia, Extremadura y Canarias. We have used all our know how helping our client in two principal areas of project engineering phase and taking consultancy actions.


Our engineering department execute the design load, as-bulit, FTTH deployment upgrades in ArcGIS, Network FIR-GIS frames sync, physical interconnections, mapping as well as all engineering and design review elaborated by subcontracted entities.


Our consultancy area supports in cross-check and domunet certification works, troubleshooting or desings, being in continous contact with project related entities.