Monitor System (HW/SW)


Relevant data:

  • Software Development
  • Hardware Development
  • High modularity
  • Multi-tool monitoring and control


The complete “in-house” development of our own monitoring systems, both software and hardware, has been been a great success of our Innovation department. We can integrate it in all our solutions and adapt it to the different areas in which we work: renewable generation facilities, smart cities, industrial equipment, lighting ,etc.

Our Smart Cities Monitoring and Photovoltaic Power Generation products (rooftop and large scale) are based on this system. It presents both software and hardware ad-hoc features to our clients specifications and is currently in continuous evolution following closely the new trends in data acquisition and management.

The main objetives of the project:

Versatility: the system is adapted for its use in photovoltaic plants, smart buildings, city lighting or industrial equipment.

Real-time data: it allows analizing data for energy consuption, energy quality, measurement, performance variables, verification, operating conditions or scheduling alerts.

Stable: based on continuous own developments and supported by a team of specialists.

Effective: effectiveness is proven by the implementation in multiple projects.

Modularity: constant development makes it adapt to the requirements of each project through different modules.