Gamma Solutions is a company that carries out global projection activities since 2002, specialized in solutions for Telecommunications, Smartcities and Critical Power Supply (Critical Power), developing consulting, engineering, project execution and maintenance work in the fields of 5G Networks, Business private networks, IoT, Artificial intelligence, Big data and video Analytics. We are present in Europe and Latin America, with the desire to be strategic partners of our clients.


We put our talent at the service of our clients and we believe that digitization will be a lever to improve their businesses. We work with effort and passion to turn any challenge into a challenge accomplished.


At Gamma Solutions, it is not only what we do that matters but how we do it and we are committed to project excellence and innovation as hallmarks.

5G Networks


We are able to participate in the design, construction and operation of any of the layers that make up a 5G network. This technology allows us to create communications networks with 10 times higher performance in bandwidth, capacity and device density, in a reliable and secure way. We believe that this technology will help drive the digitization of society and we work to make its use of value for businesses and individuals.

Business private Networks


Private enterprise networks allow companies to create an ecosystem of innovation and productivity improvement. Thanks to its high capacities for the secure transmission of data, it is possible to establish new operational paradigms and boost business through specific use cases adapted to the needs of each client.

IoT Solutions


Specialized in IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, we are capable of establishing the most appropriate sensorization and action layer for each type of business, ensuring the collection and processing of all relevant data and, above all, the proper exploitation of that data in real time, with the aim of making relevant decisions in an automated way. On this ecosystem it is possible to automate a large number of business processes generating a tangible return for our clients.



We have always believed in Innovation as a growth engine for the Society and our company. We are currently investing in technologies and applications to create the solutions proposed to our clients. We innovate with the aim of transferring to our clients the benefits of the application of new technologies in their businesses.



Our Monitoring and O&M services are centralized in the control center, using internally developed systems that give projects a quality and availability above the standards and that add value to the market. We are able to establish the service levels required by each client and adapt to their service needs with the utmost commitment and excellence.

Citizen security


We implement citizen security solutions, video analysis and artificial intelligence that guarantee the local government the adequate management and prevention of incidents in the urban environment. We automate the identification of events and behaviors to minimize reaction time and attention to those affected.

Tourism sector


Gamma Solutions is a member of SEGITTUR’s Smart Tourist Destinations Network. We propose a unified vision of tourism management, based on an open platform and the integration of all services under the strategy of maximum benefit for the visitor, the citizen and the managing entity.

IT Solutions


We facilitate the Digital Transformation of companies by maximizing the availability of IT resources to take advantage of the full potential of technology. We provide consulting, design, deployment and maintenance services for corporate infrastructures and applications



We have a wide network of partners specialized in vertical solutions in the health sector, to help hospitals, clinics and companies in the sector to carry out their own Digital Transformation process. We consider process optimization and patient path automation as key strategies on the path to excellence in the healthcare sector.