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Hybrid renewable energies

Biomass- Solar

Distributed generation

Applications: unlocalized activities and agricultural purposes


Gamma Solutions collaborates with a partner network in the TRIBAR innovation project which will be a big step forward that will benefit multiple sectors of activity in order to implement their production processes without the need to use conventional energy systems with all that implies (self-sufficiency, sustainability , efficiency, carbon footprint reduction, renewable energy use…)

By developing solutions to implement renewable energy generation in agri-food processes, this project provides the competitive and sustainable improvement that can be replicated in many places around the world.

TRIBAR enables the self-sufficiency of an agricultural or industrial installation from a compact Micro-Trigeneration system that uses biomass as main fuel, hybridized with solar power technology.



There are two ways of supplying electricity: one of them is to generate it in large power plants far from the places of consumption (Centralized Generation) and the other one is to produce it in the same place where it is to be consumed or near there (Distributed Generation). The latter is generated in small or medium size producing centers and is known as “microgeneration”. The advantage for the users is that they don´t depend on electrical supply networks, which is a solution for difficult access or isolated areas.

The advantages of integrating different renewable energies for this distributed generation are now being explored in order not to rely exclusively on a single generation source or even to offer redundant systems. In this project, biomass and solar power will be used as renewable sources to generate heat, “cold” and electricity. This is known as “trigeneration”.


In the case of the TRIBAR project, in difficult-to-access environments, energy is generated through biomass, using waste materials from the agricultural sector and hybridizing it with solar generation systems. This is a great solution to the challenges of certain sectors, making it a great advantage for the future.